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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well, Here we go

Welcome Folks,

Thanks for visiting my little world. I am writing this blog as an outlet for the discussion and study of my favorite topic....... Military History !

What is this site about? Well, It would be easier to tell you what this blog is not. This is not an outlet for modern political views or discussions of current policy unless it is directly related to the period in question. It will include military and societal stories and discussions from around the world (although I am partial to American Stories)

As to the title of the Blog, well, it is a battle cry that has been heard around the world, across the centuries. The colors (or flags for you lay people out there) were not only a symbol of the nation they represented, but a polarizing force for men on the field of battle. In the simplest terms, the colors were used as guides which could be seen over the smoke that shrouded the field. But they were more than that. they were symbols of pride, they inspired troops who were faltering, they served as an extension of the unit itself. In both the English army and the American army, regiments carried two colors. One was the national color, the second was the regimental. This second color was usually provided to the Regiment by the state or a local patriotic group.

When the Cry "TO THE COLORS" was echoed across the field, all soldiers rallied to both protect, support, or follow them to glory.

so now I ask the Regiment ; are you willing to rally "TO THE COLORS"

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